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16th Birthday Party Games

Read on for the winning 16th birthday party games for your birthday, or someone is who is about to turn 16. You can use the following games as part of a conventional birthday party or even spring them on your 16 year old friend or family member as a surprise. The world is your oyster. Also see the home page for more ideas on a range of ideas for other birthday parties and party games.

There are plenty of games featured on this website which can be adapted to be played with guests of a 16th birthday party. Take a look at the adults party games, as well as the children's party games section.

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Candy Bar Hunt

Hide enough candy bars for your birthday party guests to find. You can hide the bars outside or inside the house. Hide them in pillow cases, wardrobes, dryers, cupboards, shrubs, and pot plants. Have enough over for guest who really enjoy the bars and hand them out.

Similar 16th birthday party games or variations, could be where you tie the candy bars or even presents to different colored string and hide the items around the house. This looks fun when your guests enter the house. Hand them the end of a colored string.

Marshmallow Trickery

Hand all your guests 5 marshmallows. They should all be in a circle with the birthday person in the middle with their eyes closed. On the count of go, all guests should put the marshmallows in their mouths and chew furiously making sure to get caught by the birthday person. Should the 16th birthday party person catch a guest chewing, that guest has to sit out until the last guest is remaining. They are the winner of the game.

Makeup Time

If your party is for all girls wanting a bit of fun on a 16th birthday party night, have each guest bring one makeup item. Have party guests make up each other with their own makeup. The brighter and crazier the better.

A twist of this game could be having guys putting on makeup on the girls. This gets hilarious because guys in general no NOTHING about putting makeup on the girls.

Another makeup party game twist, could be where guys have to name the makeup items from a girls makeup bag. They have to name the item correctly and explain where and how it is used.The winner gets to put on makeup on a the 16th birthday party games

girl or a chosen party guest. Guys love these kinds of 16th birthday party games.

Fancy Dress Photo shoot

Have everyone dress as their favorite movie star and take crazy photo-shoots of each other and make them into a slide show. You could even have the guest strut their way down the cat-walk exaggerating and posing like models. When the 16th birthday party person struts their stuff, give them a huge cheer.

If you're interested in having a great party with printable games, check out this link to some very popular and fun games to purchase and download immediately.

Party Game Printables

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Pool Party Fun

Have all guests in the pool and play water polo with each other with a beach-ball.

Have two teams of party guests do syncronized swimming with each other. The best syncronized dancing in the pool wins.

Have guests lined up at the end of the pool. On the count of go, have all the guests push off from the wall and kick underneath the surface until the last one comes up. The last one to surface is the winner of that game.

Have a variety of swimming races such as free-style, backstroke, breast-stroke and even super crazy styles. The winner can be the first one home of the very last one home. 16th birthday party games will never be the same.

Musical Chairs

People love musical chairs. Arrange chairs in a circle back to back, enough for all the party guests minus one. have someone play music as the guest are walking around the chairs. When the music stops the guests should fight to sit in the remaining seats. Each time someone misses out on a seat, they move off and take a chair away with them. The winner is the person who gets to sit on the seat at the end. You can play this game anywhere and at any age. Perfect for16th birthday party games.


It's a twist on typical karaoke singalong. Party guests should choose a crazy song for another guest to sing and that person can not influence them. Each guest has a turn to sing that chosen song to the best of their ability. The winner can be decided by the guests as a whole, or if you have many, allow three of the guests to become the judges. This games is great because even if there is a good singer in the group, there are some songs they will tremble at getting as not everyone is great at all songs.

Crowded House

The guests of the house should all go outside. The party guest or the party star should then go inside the house and find a hiding spot. Each of the guests are to go and find that first person and join them in that hiding spot. This will go on until the very last person has found all of the party guests in one spot. This can be a very funny game. This is great the play in the dark at night. You can play a number of these awesome 16th birthday party games.

Cup towers

For a fast challenge, 16th birthday party game, have 11plastic or paper cups per guest. Have the guests arrange them in a pyramid shape. On the count of go, all guests should cup each of the cups in order from top to bottom. The winner is the one who can cup all of the cups at one time.

Burping Jollies

Have your guests drink two glasses of soda or fizzy drink. They should then each have a go at burping loudly and long. The person who does burp the loudest and the longest is the winner of the game.The 16th birthday party person should choose the winner.

Paperclip Bandits

Arrange two teams. Each team are given a box of paper clips. They have to build a very long chain until after 4 minutes have passed. The winning team are the ones who have the longest clips.


16th birthday party games can also be cute. Have all the guests arrive with a photo of themselves. Have one person arrange the photos on a large piece of cardboard or on the fridge with a number underneath, without the other guests knowing. Each party guest has to guess which baby-photo belongs to which guest by writing the the number of the baby photo and the name. The winner is the one who guesses the most correct. A prize should also be given to the one who chooses the 16th birthday party gal or guy.

Pass the Parcel

A funny, crude or crazy present should be wrapped up in layers and layers of birthday paper. The party guests should handle and pass the presents as music is played. Once the music stops whoever has the parcel gets to open a layer of the birthday paper. The winner is the one who opens the present at the end. Make sure the 16th birthday party girl or guy dose not get to open the present, they will have their own presents on the day.

Outside Game

You can't go wrong with playing a number of games outside with a team, such as baseball, cricket, softball, back-down, bull-rush, football/soccer. This is a great one for a guys 16th birthday party game.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt at a shopping area or in town. Have teams and have them "capture" their things to do on video/DVD recorders. Ideas for items to hunt - 16th birthday party games such as the scavenger hunt are a great group idea.

1. Someone kissing
2. Getting a stranger to do a crazy dance
3. Find a bouncy ball.
4. Get a picture of a large animal with you standing beside it.
5. Get a pizza
and more. The winners are the group who comes back with everything achieved first.

Movie Horror Bliss

Have the group watch a horror movie and have everyone scream loudly at the scary bits. This can turn into a comedy if all participate. Make sure everyone has lots of food and drink on hand.

We hope you enjoy these brilliant 16th birthday party games and ideas.