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1st Birthday Party Games

Here we have some winning 1st birthday party games and activities you can play with your children and other children of a similar age. Watch the fun spread. These ideas are great to go with 1st birthday party themes and ideas as well.

Popping Bubbles

  • Have fun with you babies popping bubbles.

Materials Needed

  • bubble machine (optional)
  • bubbles container with hoop and washing up liquid

How to Play

Allow you babies to pop as many bubbles as possible. Allow the adults to hold the liquid and either blow bubbles and or allow your children to have a go as-well. The whole family can have a bubble popping session.

Water Playing

Kids love playing with water, but do supervise this activity

Material needed

  • large items to play with
  • water in a large playing container
  • a playing area
  • a apron for your child or bathing suits

How to play

Allow your children to play with a range of large toys in a large container or paddling pool with water in it. You can offer to play with the children or allow them to play by themselves. This is great at developing their motor skills.

Toddler Party Games also offer some excellent ideas in which you can adapt.

Boogie on Down

Have your 1st birthday party guests party on down at your house.

Materials Needed

  • children's funky music
  • disco lights (optional)
  • a dance floor

How to Play

Have your little ones dance to a variety of children's songs. Nothing is better than having a parent demonstrate some funny dance moves. Allow your children to try them out as well. Older children can help with all the dancing fun as well. This is the first of many 1st birthday party games to have balloons in which your children will love.

Balloon Kicking

Have your party guests kick balloons around the room. This is one of the alternate ways to use 1st birthday party games.

Materials Needed

  • Have a range of colorful balloons

How to Play

Have each little one be picked up under the armpits and get them to kick the balloons around the room. This is a lot of fun for the children. The can't get enough.

Or Have children hit the balloons around the room. try to keep the children from popping them as they may frighten them.

Balloon Ball Battle

Have your children take their colored balloons from area to the next. One of many balloon 1st birthday party games listed.

Materials Needed

  • a range of red balloons
  • range of blue balloons
  • tape for dividing the room

How to Play the Game

Place the red colored balloons on one side of a string or piece of tape which should divide the floor. And place the blue balloons on the other side.

Divide the children into two groups. On the count of go tell the children they have to pick up their colored balloons and take them to their side of the string or line (Home). Clap all children who manage to take a balloon over the line.

Blankie Rides

So much fun riding a blanket all around the room

Materials Needed

  • enough thick and cosy blankets for all the children
  • enough adults to give rides

How to Play

Arrange your children on blankets and on the count of go, gently pull them along the ground. Ensure your children do not hit each other as they go for their ride.

Candy Hunt

Children hunt around for pictures of candy to win a prize.

Materials Needed

  • a range of pictures of candy (printed from the internet)
  • scissors to cut the pictures out

How to Play

Pre-place/hide all the pictures of candy around a large lounge room and or kitchen. Have the children with help from an older child or adult find the pictures of candy. Once they find a picture they can get a prize, a little party favor.

1st birthday party games are designed for all the family to have fun with.