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21st Birthday Party Games

21st birthday party games make your day that extra special. Take a look a the free ones here and have a winning day. We also have some excellent themes and ideas for your or someone else's birthday party.

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21st Birthday Party Games No#1

On the Trivia date

This is played very similar to trivia pursuit nights that are often played in the community.

Materials Needed

  • A4 paper for pairs or for small groups.

  • Pens per pair or group.

How to Play the Game

1.Arrange party goers into pairs or groups if there are a large group of guests.

2.Tell the party goers that they are going to participate in a game of Trivia and that they have to come up with answers to major events, scientific inventions, issue, or artistic or musical items for the year that the birthday girl or boy was born in.

3.The leader asks a questions to the group such as…”Name a political leader that was in power in 1989?

4.The groups or pairs, should write their answer on paper and have one person yell out the date of the birthday guy or girl’s birthday.

5.The scrutineer or birthday guy or girl should go around and check on the correct answer, they could even check answers on their smart phone.

Check that the members aren’t checking their phones either.

6.The group who has the most answers wins.

21st Birthday Party Games No#2


This party games allows friends and family to give something back verbally to their beloved birthday guy or girl. It’s a chance to show how much they care, or even tell a funny story about that person to the group.

Materials Needed

  • Enough small cards to write a funny, unique, crazy or moving experience that each person has had or knows about the birthday person.

  • Enough pens for each person to write

  • ·A table for place the cards on

How to Play the Game

1.Have each person write a funny, unique, crazy or moving experience that each person has had or knows about the birthday person on one card.

2.Place the card upside down on the table.

3.Have random people pick up someone else’s card.

4.Have 5 people read out their cards content.

5.Ask the audience who originally wrote the card and try and match everyone up.

6.Continue with the game until everyone is finished.

21st Birthday Party Games No#3

Slap Slap

This party game can be played by a group of people around a large table.

Materials Needed

  • Just your hands

  • One large table (round ones are ideal)

How to Play the Game

1.Everyone should place their hand over or under the person sitting next to them on the table. (one hand over or under the person on the left and one on the right).

2.Establish the direction of the game to slap the game left or right.

3.Person A should begin the game by slapping their right hand down once (which is over or under the person next to them). The person sitting next to him person B, should slap their left hand once, and

person C who is sitting next to person B should then slap their right hand once and so on and so on.

4.To reverse the direction, any player can slap their hands twice, which means the person who has just slapped previously has to try and keep the pace and slap the opposite way and keep the rhythm.

5.If anyone slaps the wrong hand at the wrong time, that hand is eliminated.

6.If anyone even makes an attempt to lift their hand, when they are wrong, that hand is eliminated.

7.The winner is the person who has the last hand left on the table.

Yes, it's one the the 21st birthday party games which get somewhat physical....in a good way.

21st Birthday Party Games No#4

Musical Instrument

Materials Needed

  • Chairs for people to sit on

How to Play the Game

1.Everyone should be seated on a seat.

2.Each player should take on a musical instrument by establishing a sound and a playing of the instrument movement.

For example, If person A is playing the trumpet, they should pretend to play the instrument and at the same time make the sound of that instrument.

3.Once all the instruments and movements are known by the other players you can begin.

4.All players should keep slapping their hands on their knees in time together until the first person begins.

5.Player A on a chosen part of the beat should say and do their musical instrument, keeping in time to group beat, but immediately choose another players sound and movement straight after.

6.That person who the first person mimicked should allow four beats and then do their sound and movement again and immediately imitate another member of the group.

7.If a person mixes up rhythm, the beat or does the wrong movement, they are eliminated.

8.The winner of the game is the person who doesn’t break the beat of the slapping on the knees or gets the wrong movement mixed up with the wrong sound.

21st Birthday Party Games No#5


A great idea for fun and hilarity. Everyone loves to sing at one these two karaoke 21st birthday party games.

Materials Needed

  • A karaoke system

  • Microphone


  • Singstar

  • Microphone


  • Microphone

  • Backing tracks of songs

  • Print outs of the songs lyrics.

How To Play the Game

1.Everyone can have a go at singing a specially chosen song chosen from the birthday guy or girl.

2.Sing a variety of songs with the word ‘birthday in it.’

3.Everyone can then choose a fun song to sing for themselves.

21st Birthday Party Games No#6


One of the party games where you can choose who gets to sing your song and they don’t have a choice.

Materials Needed

  • A karaoke system

  • Microphone


  • Singstar

  • ·Microphone


  • Microphone

  • Backing tracks of songs

  • Print outs of the songs lyrics.

How To Play the Game

1.Have enough pieces of paper with names of each of your party guests and put them in a hat.

2.Each party guest should choose one name from the hat, and choose an undesirable song for that person to sing.

Each person should get up and get ready to sing the song of their secret partner’s choice. If you don’t have a karaoke system, give the person their lyrics just before they are about to sing the song.

3.There is no winner for this game, but it’s great, because even the best singers can’t sing all of the tricky songs in the world. It can even up the stakes.

21st Birthday Party Games No#7


21st Party Games No#8

Not the Same

This is a party game where a player says words about a ‘thing’ but it is the audience who guesses what the thing is.

Materials needed

  • Ideas

How to Play the Game

1.Have one person stand at the front facing the crowd

2.The audience has to offer words which describe the item or thing without revealing the actual name of the thing itself.

3.The person has to try and guess what the thing is.

4.The winner is the person who guess in the least amount of tries.

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