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21st Birthday Party Ideas

Here are some winning 21st birthday party ideas and games to play with your guests. Try a few out and see which ones you might like to use for future parties. Games and ideas can be changed to suit your style and kind of party. Have fun.

Birthday party ideas and themes are important for that first 'significant' birthday. Being 21 gives you a license to drink and celebrate like never before. This is the year where 21 year old's are beginning to have direction in their lives, making their way and their mark on society. Ensure you celebrate you 21st birthday star like never before. We have arranged for some winning themes, ideas, games and activities useful for your party. We are sure you will love using these ideas. Do check out the 21st birthday party games, College Drinking games now that your legal, even check out the drinking games.

Planning and Preparation

21st Birthday Party Invitations: Design, make or craft personalized birthday invitations to your birthday explaining:

who: Your name

why:Your 30th Birthday Party

when: Date of the Birthday Party

where: Where the party will be held

What: to bring and or to expect in terms of food, drink, costume and present

and to have and RSVP so you know who will likely attend.

Because it's that very special adult birthday party celebration, ensure you choose the most appropriate invitation. They could range from the bright happy, to humorous and the outrageous.

Post It

People feel special when they receive a personalized invitation through the post. If you need to find out guests addresses, ring their spouse, friends, family members and at the last resort them. There are plenty of websites and software programs that help you make up your own.

Send these out three weeks prior so parents can get babysitters for their kids.These are great 30th birthday party ideas for invitations.

The Birthday Party Cake

A great 21st birthday party idea for a cake can be on any subject, theme or idea relating to the birthday star. If he or she is into sport you can have a cake decoration of a symbol or item associated with the game. If they are into fashion, make a cake with a model, cat walk, lips and or use shoes.

If the guys are into cars, have a cake with a hot-wheels car topper. If they are into Movies, have their face in the middle of a large yellow star. Or you can go with lovely and classic which will suit any person. Remember to tie the cake in with your theme if you are having one.

Possible Cake Wording:

21 finally Legal

Happy 21st Birthday ________(name)

It's my 21st birthday beyotches

Finally 21

Kiss Me I'm 21

21 I.D ME!

Celebrating 21

Damn I make 21 Look good

Birthday Party Food

These are some winning ways to celebrate the 21st birthday Party:

  • Organize caterers to come in and cook and or bake food during the party if it's at a house or even at a function area.
  • Do the same with aunties' and uncles' or extended family making the food.
  • Order in Pizza.
  • Go out to dinner with the folks at a fun, classic or fancy restaurant. Then go out with your friends to celebrate and party on down.
  • Pot Luck dinner, where all the guests bring over a special treat for the 21st birthday star.
  • Themed party food for whichever theme you choose for the party. (see Party Themes)


Make sure you have them ready at least one week before the 21st birthday party. Set aside a day with some friends or family to help put up the decorations. There are plenty of good shops online and offline to find decorations. Did I forget to tell you find decorations with the number 21, big and bold!!

Decorate the room in photos of the birthday girl or guy.

Balloons, streamers and banners with the words Happy 21st Birthday goes down a treat. Decorate archways into the house and in the main rooms.

You can even hire strobe lights and or a mirror ball for that extra glam feel.

These are great 21st birthday party ideas for decorations will be great for you or someone else's party.

21st Birthday Party Theme

There are winning 21st birthday party themes for any occasion. You need to think about what party theme would best suit your birthday party star. If they extroverted, then why not have a Hollywood Star theme or even a Karaoke Night where guests come as a favorite singer. If they are introverted why not have a smaller themed party, maybe a spar with cocktails, or even a trip to the local zoo.

Themes For Large Groups

Casino Night: where the hosts arrange a gambling table for poker or even bingo games. Have loads of birthday decorations that have playing cards, pokie machine ideas on them. Some party supplies even arrange chips that can be personalized. Play games such as poker, last card, black jack.

Hollywood Stars: Where guests come as a favorite hollywood star young or older, legends or up and coming stars. Deck the place out with balloons and stars, which are gold and silver in color. Have pictures of stars around the room. Play fun games such as celebrity Head as a fun after dinner celebration.A popular 21st birthday party theme.

Western Party Theme: Have your guests dressed as a woman or man dressed as the characters from a Western movie. Think cowboys, policemen, church ladies, harlots from the saloon. You can purchase or hire costume guns, hats, books. Have a large barn or saloon party. Make sure everyone practices their southern accent. A mock shoot out could be part of the entertainment. You could have a singer sing songs from that era. Lots of fun.

Favorite Band: You guessed it, dress as your favorite singer or band player. You can have an era to choose from, 70's, 80's 90's to today. Everyone can dress as someone. This is a great way to enhance a 21st birthday party.

Rocky Horror Picture show: A party theme where everyone has to come dressed as one of the stars or even the characters in the background. Think losts of makeup, cool costumes, the time warp dancing, high heels, music, singing and even more dancing.

Smaller 21st birthday Party Themes

Spar Party: Use your spa, someone else's or hire one for the night. Have your guests come dressed as though they are going for a swim. Decorate the areas with lays, pineapples, summer fruits and drink plenty of cocktails.

Girls/Guys Night Out: Have a couple of good cocktails made by guests before hitting the night clubs.

Camping: Have your guests go out camping and make a nice BBQ and some good wine or beer. If you are near a beach, you and your guests can go swimming or even a skinny dip.

Karaoke: Hire out a machine or use your own audio, visual equipment. You could hire out a karaoke booth in certain city areas. Have a load of great songs, favorites and have everyone sing along. This could even be a competition and the winner will win some wine and chocolates.This is a great way to enhance a 21st birthday party.

Scary-oke: Similar theme as karaoke, but instead of the guests choosing the songs, the birthday party star will choose a variety of songs for people to sing. This can be scary because you will never know what songs are being chosen until it's your turn. I love these ideas for the 21st birthday party.

Do check out all the awesome 21st birthday party games for your party.


Entertainment is always important for your party, whether it's for a smaller party or a larger party. Here are some Entertainment ideas for your 21st birthday party.

Band-Hire a covers band to cover all the hits from the year the birthday star was born. Or for the music in general.

Quartet- Have four musicians, who play trumpet, violin, flute or even a cello depending on the type of party you are having.

Singers: Very similar to the band, but they usually bring in their own backing tracks. Guy or girl groups should look glamorous and sing a variety of well known songs.The themes these entertainers would be good for are Casino, Hollywood Stars, Western parties etc.

Comedians: Come in and do a gig with the birthday star in mind. It would be good to have two sets, so the musicians could do a few numbers as well.

Dancers: These could range from hip-hop, tap, contemporary, comedy dance to burlesque. Just keep in mind the kind of party you want and have these entertainers do their thing. You enhance your 21st birthday party anyway you like with dance.

For more intimate or crazy fun with your family and friends take a look at the 21st birthday games that could make your party shine.

Burlesque: A good clean strip from gorgeous women and gorgeous costumes. Fun for all.