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21st Surprise Birthday Party

Are you organizing a 21st surprise birthday party? The following information will inspire ideas for a great birthday party, your special person will love. Do check out the great 21st birthday organization and theme page as well and the 21st Games Page. All intended for a memorable and winning birthday party.

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Why a Surprise Birthday Party?

Why organize a 21st surprise birthday party? That's a great question. You want to throw a party for someone who you feel is deserving. Do make sure you have quite a few helpers who are also wanting to help with the 21st surprise birthday party. Firstly anyone can organise a great and memorable surprise birthday party for that special someone who:

a. Is having a significant birthday.

b. Is having a birthday in general.

c. Would never in a million years expect a surprise birthday party.

d. Has done something special for someone else.

e. Has achieved something significant.

e. Just jolly well deserves it.


If you have designated yourself as the chief organizer then there are a lot of things you need to be aware of for the surprise birthday party.


1. Firstly choose a date/day which is appropriate for their 21st surprise birthday party. Typically a Friday night or Saturday would be best suited for a surprise birthday party even if their actual birthday falls during the week. This is because most people are usually free to attend and don't have work commitments in their way. Parents can organise baby sitters and have time during the day to buy presents for the big night.


2. Know for sure that your person will be in the city, place or town on the night in which you want to throw the surprise birthday party. You may even hint that there is a great show or gig that your want your person to attend.


3. Send out party invites to everyone you wish to attend at least 4 weeks prior to the big night. Make sure to put on the invitation that it is a 21st surprise birthday party and not to let the cat out of the bag. The more time the better. Make sure you do NOT send an invitation to the birthday person to be, by mistake. Plus do not send out an invite until the last minute to those people who have a tendency to blurt out the surprise to the birthday girl/guy. Let them know they should make a commitment to keep it to themselves.


4. Organize the venue whether it is in a hall, house, function room, bar or wharehouse. Make sure you have booked the place and maybe paid the deposit at least 5 weeks before the party. This will give you time to change venues if it doesn't go to plan and before invitations go out. Always have a plan B, which means you may need to have the party in a house rather than an actual place.


5.Organise them by either buying them and ordering online or making them yourselves. There plenty of websites out there who will help with that. These can be organized at least 2 weeks in advance. Make sure to organize a team of people to help putting these up in the venue.


6.Food is very important for your 21st surprise birthday party. Make sure your food matches your theme if you have one or at the very least the birthday party guest's tastes. For instance if they love their pizza, have loads of pizza for the guests. If they love desserts, make sure there is a variety of fun desserts to choose from. You can order catering in if you would rather focus on other areas. You can organize someone in your family or friends to cook and bake or they can be in charge of the food. To save money, have every guest bring over a pot luck plate.

Take a look at the party food page and the party punch pages they may help to have a rocking surprise birthday party.


8. Finding the right entertainment can be a bit daunting for a 21st surprise birthday party. But you can't go wrong with a DJ or a covers band who plays music from any era. Search online for great 21st birthday party bands in your area. Ask around friends and family who might know of someone. Sometimes organizing a stripper can be fun, but only with guests who may appreciate it. Remember that great grandmothers and fathers may be present and could be quite sensitive to that kind of entertainment.

Own Stories of Surprise Parties

When I was in my early 20's my friend's parents decided to organize a surprise birthday party for her. We knew about one month before with them ringing us and her other friends up. We were quite excited to be a part of the whole show. On the night, we all arrived at the venue which was a small hall and there were about 50 of us. Her parents made sure that we hid our cars away from the building. We all hid behind anything we could, including couches, tables, cupboards and turned off the lights. We heard the car pull up and the engine turn off. Two car doors slammed and the doors opened. We switched on the light and yelled "Surprise!!!". It was really exciting and she was amazed and very appreciative. She never suspected a thing.

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