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Birthday Card Messages

Special birthday card message is very important for your birthday star. Check out the messages below. Some are humorous, sentimental and straight up wishing them well. There's something here for everyone.

Lovely and Sentimental

On this very special day

I’d like to say to you

I hope your birthday’s

Filled with love

And all your

Dreams come true



To wish you a day

That brings,

The same kind of

Happiness and joy

That you bring to me!


Wishing you a day

As special as you are


I looked for something

Sweet to

Send to you

The roses asked

If they would do


May your birthday be filled

With sunshine and smiles,

Laughter, love and cheer.


Hope your special day

Brings you all that

Your heart desires!

Here’s wishing you a day

Full of pleasant suprises!


Whatever you ask,

May you receive

Whatever you seek

May you find,

Whatever you wish,

May if be fulfilled.

On your birthday and always.


Happy Birthday

My sweetheart

I wish you a very sweet and warm life,

Filled with love

And laughter

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It is scientifically proven

That people who have more birthdays

Live longer.


Happy Birthday Old person,

Now where the hell is my cake?


It takes a

Long time to grow



Happy Birthday

To a person who…

If they were a dog…

Would be dead


Wait at least you

Know he’s breathing

Happy Birthday


I cannot see

I cannot pee

I cannot chew

I cannot screw

Oh, my God, what can I do?

My memory shrinks

My hearing stinks

No sense of smell

I look like hell

My mood is had---can you tell?

My body’s drooping

Have trouble pooping

The Golden years have come at last

The Golden years can kill my ass


May your troubles be less

Your blessings be more…

Only one pint makes you a mess

So I’m sending you four.


Just remember

Once you’re over the hill

You’re going to pick up speed


Middle age is

When your

Age starts to show

Around the middle.


Birthday cake

Calories don’t count


Thirty Five is a very

Attractive age,

Society is full

 Of women you have

Of their own

Free choice remained

Thirty-five for years.


My and you is friends

You smile, I smile

You hurt, I hurt,

You cry, I cry

You jump off the Bridge…

I gonna miss your emails!



Yay for alcohol!


You know you’re getting old

When your cake

Isn’t big enough to hold

The candles


You’re not old

You’re Retro!