Candyland Party Ideas

Welcome to some excellent and fun 18th birthday party games. There is something for everyone here from fun food games to group games which involve the imagination. Fun, fun and then some more fun for pairs to large groups. Enjoy.

Candyland Party Ideas for children which includes food, games and activities ideas. Decorations and fun costumes will also be included. Please take a look at all the great ideas which would make a fantastic Candyland fun party for your children.


Invitations are essential for your Candyland birthday party. It is the first idea as to the theme being offered. Many invitations can be made at home via photoshop or a similar program. Ensure you use personal photos and unique fonts. There are excellent fonts on the internet you can pay for and some are even free for you to download. Guests love that very special touch knowing that you have gone out of your way to create a unique Candyland birthday party invitation. However if time is an issue for you, there are many Candyland invitations already designed, ready for you to send out, such as the one below.


Have the birthday party star wear a suitable costume for their party. This would add that extra special touch for both them and their party guests. Look in your local sewing store for lollypop, candy and other fun cocktail dress patterns for girls. Fun costume ideas for boys. There are plenty of craft stores to buy and decorate your costume with candy-like fun. Choose fun, colorful and very loud colors for your materials.You can have a costume tailored to your specifications for a dressmaker to sew. That always saves stress and time. Also if you have the spare cash, there are some fun costumes online such as the ones below. If you are looking for a simplistic idea, make all your party guests where colourful clothes or specify a favourite color such as pink, blue or yellow.

Not forgetting the Dads and grandads.


You can go for gold when it comes to candy and games. You have a range of candy bags, boxes or gifts as prizes. 

Go Fish

Have a range of jelly or jelo on a bowl with fish candy in the middle. Arrange the bowls on the ground and your party guests sitting infront with their hands to their sides. The instructions are that on the word 'go' all have to dig into the jelo and try and fish out the fish with their teeth. The winner is the first one to do so. Messy but fun.

The Candy man Song

A musical game, where everyone dances around to the music of this song and when it stops the last one to stop moving is eliminated from the game. Continue with the game until the last person is left. They of course win a bag of candy. Ensure all losers win a piece as well.

Candy Hunt

Place large pictures of candy around the house or venue and have children go out and hunt for a picture each. Once they find one to go back to base camp and match the number on the back of the picture to a prize on the prize table. All prizes should be labelled with the number underneath. This is a lot of fun for children.

Candyland food

Cupcakes with little pieces of candy on top:

-all the same candy

-all the same color

-different colored shapes

Giant Candy Cake

Make a giant candy wrapper cake for your birthday person.

Giant sized anything gets bigs claps from children.

Source: via Darla Manninen on Pinterest

Party Food and Cakes

Take a look at some great party cake topper ideas with the great chocolate cake mix recipe. We hope you enjoy making your cakes and cupcakes for a great kids Candyland party.

Source: via Tam on Pinterest

Candyland Party Present Ideas

Great fun and simple Candyland party ideas for everyone.

Decoration Ideas

Use these great ideas for decorations. You can have people stand in-front of the the large backdrop for photo opportunities. Party guests love this idea. We hope you like these Candyland party ideas.

Each box includes a Candy Land blowout*, a Candy Land sticker sheet*, Candy Land Bounce Ball*, plus an assorted pinwheel, mini activity book and box of 8 jumbo crayons. Easy assembly. Please Note: One or more of the party favors included in this favor kit may be substituted with an item of similar quality due to availability.

Great Party hat ideas.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday - Birthday Party Candy Bouquets with Frooties

candyland decorations

We sincerely hope you enjoyed looking at our ideas for a great Candyland party. Please explore the fantastic party games for children which you might like to use for your party.

Also take a look at the cool party food ideas which might enhance your party.

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