Teen Party Games

Teen Party Games to play with your friends at home or even in the great outdoors. Be sure to check out the games for 16 year old as they may be of use to your party. These games are best suited to teenagers for a fun group or party at home.

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Musical Chairs Teen party games 1

People love musical chairs. Arrange chairs in a circle back to back, enough for all the party guests minus one. have someone play music as the guest are walking around the chairs. When the music stops the guests should fight to sit in the remaining seats. Each time someone misses out on a seat, they move off and take a chair away with them. The winner is the person who gets to sit on the seat at the end. You can play this game anywhere and at any age. Perfect for16th birthday party games.

Crowded HouseTeen party games 2

The guests of the house should all go outside. The party guest or the party star should then go inside the house and find a hiding spot. Each of the guests are to go and find that first person and join them in that hiding spot. This will go on until the very last person has found all of the party guests in one spot. This can be a very funny game. This is great the play in the dark at night. You can play a number of these awesome 16th birthday party games.

Scavenger Hunt Teen party games 3

Scavenger hunt at a shopping area or in town. Have teams and have them "capture" their things to do on video/DVD recorders. Ideas for items to hunt - 16th birthday party games such as the scavenger hunt are a great group idea.

Alphabet category game: Teen party games 4

Sit in a circle and pick a category like "animals" or "movies." One person begins by naming something in the category (movies) that starts with C (like "Carrie"), the next person has to name a B item ("Batman"), and so on. If someone can't think of one in 10 seconds, she's out!

Fruit SaladTeen party games 5

Another of our most popular adults birthday party games that can be adapted for the 18th birthday Party Games is Fruit Salad. This is a game of interchanging chairs for a large group.

Materials needed:

Enough chairs for everyone minus one.

How to Play the Game

Everyone should be sitting on a chair facing inwards. One person should take away her chair and stand in the middle. That person will say aloud one thing to the audience, such as "Move to a new chair if you have motorbike", "Move to a new chair if you like Sushi". Everyone should move if that is true for them. Although they cannot move to a seat which is directly next to them. The middle caller, should immediately move to a new seat. Their should be one person left over and they ask a new question to the group. If the caller says "FRUIT SALAD". Everyone must move seats. Keep playing the game until everyone has a go in the middle.

Celebrity Head Teen party games 6

Guess the correct celebrity written on their head. This is one of our most popular adult birthday party games.

Materials Needed

cards with sticky tape on the back to pin on foreheads

cards with written name of celebrity

How to Play the Game

The organizer or birthday girl or guy, can choose celebrities to write on their cards. He or she pins the cards onto the guests head.

Explain that everyone will have a turn at guessing an attribute about their celebrity. They can ask if their celebrity is a famous singer, dancer, actor, or politician etc. The guests having read the person's celebrity should say yes or no to their question. If the answer is yes they can have another go until they get a no answer. If they get a no answer it is the next person's turn and so on and so on. The first person to guess their celebrity is the winner. Yay for these 18th birthday party games.

Slap Slap Teen party games 7

This party game can be played by a group of people around a large table. Materials NeededJust your hands One large table (round ones are ideal) How to Play the Game1.Everyone should place their hand over or under the person sitting next to them on the table. (one hand over or under the person on the left and one on the right). 2.Establish the direction of the game to slap the game left or right. 3.Person A should begin the game by slapping their right hand down once (which is over or under the person next to them). The person sitting next to him person B, should slap their left hand once, andperson C who is sitting next to person B should then slap their right hand once and so on and so on. 4.To reverse the direction, any player can slap their hands twice, which means the person who has just slapped previously has to try and keep the pace and slap the opposite way and keep the rhythm. 5.If anyone slaps the wrong hand at the wrong time, that hand is eliminated. 6.If anyone even makes an attempt to lift their hand, when they are wrong, that hand is eliminated. 7.The winner is the person who has the last hand left on the table. Yes, it's one the the 21st birthday party games which get somewhat physical....in a good way.

Ghost in the Graveyard Teen party games 8

Ghostly run after victimsMaterials Neededan old white sheet you can cut two eyes in for the ghostHow to PlayDesignate a homebase from where everyone will begin from. The ghost who is dressed as your traditional ghost has to count from 1to 20. While she is counting, have the rest of the guests run and hide somewhere inside or outside of the house. If the ghost spots a hiding person, they can then run after that person and try and catch them. That person must make a dash back to homebase while yelling,"There's a ghost in the graveyard." If they are caught before they reach the homebase that person becomes the ghost and they quickly swap costumes.

Liar LiarTeen party games 9

A winner where party guests are in groups and making up stories and using some good acting skills.

Materials Needed

  • yourselves

How to Play the game

Arrange birthday guests into groups of three or four. Instruct your guests that two out of three or three out of four people have to come up with a true story. This story can be something where they have met someone famous, done something incredible like climb Mt Everest or even eaten snake in Africa. The one person left needs to come up with a false story to tell.

Once the guests are ready to tell their story allow them to talk about their stories to the rest of the larger group. After all guests have given their story in the group, ask the larger crowd whom they think was the person who was the liar.

Reveal the liar or have the liar reveal themselves to the group. This is one of our favorite 50th birthday party games.

Candy FeedTeen party games 10

A winning party game where guests get to eat delicious chocolate bars.

Materials Needed

  • enough candy bars per guest
  • long sticks to tie string
  • string for the sticks and candy bars
  • blindfolds

How to Play the Game

Tie string around a long stick and on the other end, tie a candy bar to hang loose. Arrange your guests into pairs. Instruct each pair that they will both be blind folded. They should stand back to back and on the instruction of 'go' have each pair move around to stand opposite and move the candy bar towards their partner's mouth. Both partners needs to eat all the candy bar. Once the first pair eats all the candy bars each they win the game. Delicious 40th birthday party games for all your guests.

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