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Teenage Birthday Party Games

Teenage Birthday Party games adds that special and often memorable element to any birthday. The following games can be utilised for all female parties, all male parties and mixed parties. Some are suited for conservative minded teens to the more experimental teens who love that extra bit of fun. Please gives these games a try and or add in your own great game which can be shared with others for that great birthday party.

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Teenage Party Games for Birthdays

Games and Activities

Okay so you have all the essential birthday elements such as the food, presents, decorations and people. Now it's time for the great and fun birthday party games to add spice to the party. Make sure to plan well ahead for your type of guests you have invited. Remember it will not go down well to play a somewhat sexy game or a drinking game when you have the more conservative teens in the house. So do think carefully about which games are safe to play with your guests.


Find the Leader

Choose one teenager to be 'it', that person must leave the room. While they are out, the rest of the group decide who will be the leader. Once the leader has been chosen, he or she begins a movement in which all other members must follow. Call the 'it' person back in the room. The leader should should change the movement every now and then until the 'it' person guesses the correct leader. If after 3 turns at guessing and they are wrong, the leader now changes with them and they become 'it'. Carry on until a few teens have had a go at being 'it' or the leader.

Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is one of the favourite teenage birthday party games you can play with any group of teens. This game is great for camps and church groups. Have everyone in a circle. Number each person off with a fruit, such as an apple, orange, banana and lemon. Explain that when the person in the middle names a fruit, all the teens who are that fruit must quickly move to an empty seat (swap with another lemon). The rule is that you are not allowed to change with someone who is sitting directly next to you. The person in the middle must try as quickly as possible to move to an empty seat as well. There should be one less seat available so that someone always remains in the middle. When someone says 'fruit Salad', all teens must swap seats, this provokes fun craziness.

Instrument Copycat

Teenage birthday party games such as Instrument Copycat is excellent for memory and rythym skills. Have everyone sit in a circle. Each person must demonstrate a movement to go with the sound of an instrument they will play in time to the beat. For example, perform playing with the guitar and saying 'bring' bring' while struming to the beat at the same time. The first person must begin the game by playing their instrument in time to two beats and then take on the movement and sound of someone else's instrument in time to two extra beats....for example 'bring bring' and then 'toot toot' with the movement of playing the trumpet. You must keep the beat when doing your movement first and the chosen person as well. If you miss a beat and muck up, you are either eliminated from the game or have to do some fun chore.

Sneak up on Granny

Yes this old favourite is great to break the ice with people you don't know. Have one person stand with their back to the audience and everyone else stand at the back of the room facing his or her back. On the word 'go' everyone must try and sneak up on the Granny person. When the granny turns around if he or she catches someone moving anybody part, they name them and they go back to the beginning line. Granny can turn around at any time to try and catch someone moving. Their object is to prevent someone from tagging them. The rest of the team's object is to try and be the person who tags Granny. Whomever does tag them, must then become Granny.These teenage birthday party games are fun for everyone.

Balloon Pass On

Arrange teens into two teams in a long line. Have the first people in the line hold a balloon between their begs and pass onto the next person and so on down to the last person. The last person should then waddle up to the front of the line and pass onto the next person in the same was and so on. The first team to complete the game without popping the balloon are the winners.

Happy Birthday Sounds

This is one of the easiest and fun teenage birthday party games. Have one person stand infront of the rest of the group and they should be blindfolded or they can have their back to the main group. One person from the main group should sing "Happy Birthday to you" song with a disguised voice. The blind folded person has 5 counts to get the correct person. If they do get it correct they get another go as the guesser. If they get it wrong then they swap with the speaker.

Don't Say "Birthday"

Give your guests cards with the name 'birthday' on them as they arrive in the door. Tell your guests that they are not allowed to mention the word birthday, if they do and someone hears them, they are given the card with the words 'birthday' on them. At the end of the night, the host yells out "TIME" and then checks to see who has no cards on them and who does. Give a prize out to those who no longer have their cards.

Musical Chairs

This is one of the teenage birthday party games which are suited to any age group. Everyone marches around and a group of chairs (one less than the actual number of players) to the sound of music. Once the music stops everyone must quickly sit down on a chair. The person who is left standing is eliminated from the game. Keep the game going until the last one is left. They win the game.

Pass the Present

To the music, the guests party and dance on down while passing around a birthday present around the group. Once the music stops, whomever is holding the present must be eliminated from the game. Keep the game going until the last person is left. That person gets to win the the present.


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