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Toddler Birthday Party

Having a toddler birthday party? Birthdays are always the perfect time for family get togethers. Join in the fun and laughter and wish the birthday boy or girl the best. It is a time where parents/caregivers can join in the fun. It's a chance for them to share their happiness and appreciation for a special little person whether the festivities are held at home, outside, or in a larger space such as a hall or an established venue.

We have a variety of birthday party ideas ranging from food to the decorations, games you and your toddlers will enjoy.

Toddler Birthday Party Cake

Yummy, there are so many delicious birthday cakes and recipes to choose from and keeping up to date with the latest child character is always a good bet. It's great to have a character, funny, or crazy cake for a toddler birthday party. But we all can participate in enjoying the cake, because it's not only for the children but the adults as well. Your cake could be a banana cake, chocolate cake or it could even be a fruit cake which may be a more healthier option.Your ideas for decorating the cake and colors are endless from cake toppers to dolls and toys on top. You may even like to make some gorgeous looking cup cakes such as below.

There are plenty of great cake shapes out there, choose one which will wow your birthday star and your guests at your toddler birthday party.

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Toddler Birthday Themes

These are great with 1 year olds to 7 years.

  • Animal Theme: children will enjoy making masks out of paper plates, straws, buttons, feathers, sparkles, markers, or any craft item. You can even go to the extent of hiring an animal outfit or costume for the birthday party. You can deck out the lounge or dining room with animal cushions, materials, pictures and posters.These are great 1st birthday party ideas.
  • Fairytale Characters Theme: children can dress up as any fairytale character they wish, which would compliment a beautiful princess birthday cake. For a princess theme, you can decorate the room with pink or purple table clothes, use princess plates, have a bouncy castle outside, perform a quick made up play, have sparkles everywhere.
  • Engines, Planes and Truck Theme: boys usually love playing with engines, they can dress as a favorite cartoon character. children can even bring in their favorite engine toy and play together. Have posters, pictures and other toys around for the children to play with. You could hire a mini train for the children to have rides on. You could hire in large car toys from a local toy library for your son/daughter to play in.
  • Color Theme: Your child can dress in their favorite color or you could hold a party where everyone wears blue or yellow for example. The guest children can bring in favorite colored presents for the birthday star. Make sure you have plenty of balloons and candy the color and choice of the birthday star. This is a great Toddler birthday party idea.

What food to Serve

Besides eating the delicious birthday cake, keep food simple because most of it will probably end up on the floor anyway! For a toddler birthday party, make or cook some finger food. They are great for all guests, as eating them won't interrupt play or the daily activities.

Try to keep foods such as peanuts, some diary out of the party food. As a good bet, ask the parents if their child has any allergies. Have loads of eating fun.

Take a look at some winning ideas for children's party food or take some ideas from below.

Because tots do not eat much think about:

  • mini sandwiches cut into shapes
  • fairy bread-hundreds and thousands on bread cut into cool shapes
  • mini pies
  • mini sausages
  • fish fingers
  • tortilla wraps
  • colored pop-corn
  • cheese cubes
  • bread sticks
  • garlic sticks


  • fruit kebabs-strawberries, grapes and bits of satsuma threaded on to half a wooden skewer.
  • strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • mini strawberry tarts
  • cup cakes with candy on top
  • chocolate fingers
  • jellybeans in a cup
  • ice cream in little cones with hundreds and thousands on top

Have variety, but do not expect everything to be gobbled up.


Always provide water as the little ones always need a drink.

For those who are willing to go with more sugary drinks, you could make up a traffic light, where you have lime, cola, and raspberry soda. Mix them carefully with the large spoon on the side of the glass and pour each into the glass slowly. Try and keep the colors even.

Try using the mini juice packets with the mini straws, this is great for little hands.

What about the adults

Something for the adults? Incorporate crisps, dips and wine and have a special table with chairs to sit on. It gets exhausting watching your child have so much fun...:) Make sure as a host you talk to them and offer food and drink. Introduce your parents to each other tell them where you know each other.

Make sure you have enough adults helping you with your party, if not ask adult guests, they would be more than happy to help.


You can even organize a great game for them as a party icebreaker. Celebrity head is a brilliant party ice breaker. People love that game.

There are also some amazing toddler birthday party games, you and your little one will love and enjoy.

Toddler Birthday Party Venues

There are many toddler birthday party venues available. Just ensure you book your venue a least 2 weeks in advance.Try to book in a morning when many parents and caregivers are available and the children are more awake or the weekend when both parents/caregivers are able to go to the party.

When booking in venues, tell them times, dates and how many guests will be coming.

They sometimes even have their own in-house entertainment. Make sure you know what's on offer and tell the parents.

Send out invites at least 3 week before the happy day.

Remember if you cannot organize an entertainer for your venue or party at your house, you can always play a variety of awesome toddler party games. The are free and easily played with a bunch of children.

Planning Tips

3 weeks before: send out the birthday party invitations, organize the birthday venue if you have one in mind, organize the entertainers for the day.

2 weeks before: Organize ingredients for food.

1 week before: buy; paper plates, forks, spoons, decorations, balloons, candles, party bag presents.

3 days before: cook, buy and bake some of your food and or have it frozen.

Day before: set up the venue/house in terms of decorations, party favors, games, and bake the rest of you food for the party.Know in your head exactly where you want everything to go and when and this should prove to be a great Toddler birthday party.