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You'll be the talk of the town with these adult birthday party games. Welcome to the place where you will find ice-breakers, board game ideas, and fun games for adults at a party. Just pick and choose the games which will be best for your party.

Purses, Pockets and Wallets

Adult birthday party games for the wallet or purse. Quickly search your pockets for certain items in the pocket.

Goal: Be the first to bring up the items called and get the most points.

Write up a list of 10 items you might find in a wallet.

How to Play
Can have two teams of two

2. Explain the game to the guests. You will call out an object from your list. The first team to bring you the called object wins a point for their team. Good luck.

Egg Drop

Group solving/ice breaker adult birthday party games

Goal: To collaborate in protecting an within a made structure

Materials Needed:

a roll of news paper, sticky tape, 5 straws, string, an egg, plastic bag, 5 ice block sticks, two balloons

How to Play

It's a race against the clock

Have everyone put into groups of four. Explain that they have to make a structure for an egg, that they need to drop it from a height and not have it smashed inside.

After 15 minutes of making the structure, stand on a step-ladder and drop each one, checking to see which one survived if any. It's a good idea to do this exercise outside as it is easily cleaned up.

Take a look at the


page. It has printable games to use at any party, from birthdays to fun parties. They are free to print.

Celebrity Head

Guess the correct celebrity written on their head. This is one of our most popular adult birthday party games.

Materials Needed

cards with sticky tape on the back to pin on foreheads

cards with written name of celebrity

How to Play the Game

The organizer or birthday girl or guy, can choose celebrities to write on their cards. He or she pins the cards onto the guests head.

Explain that everyone will have a turn at guessing an attribute about their celebrity. They can ask if their celebrity is a famous singer, dancer, actor, or politician etc. The guests having read the person's celebrity should say yes or no to their question. If the answer is yes they can have another go until they get a no answer. If they get a no answer it is the next person's turn and so on and so on. The first person to guess their celebrity is the winner.

Fruit Salad

Another of our most popular adults birthday party games. This is a game of interchanging chairs for a large group.

Materials needed:

Enough chairs for everyone minus one.

How to Play the Game

Everyone should be sitting on a chair facing inwards. One person should take away her chair and stand in the middle. That person will say aloud one thing to the audience, such as "Move to a new chair if you have motorbike", "Move to a new chair if you like Sushi". Everyone should move if that is true for them. Although they cannot move to a seat which is directly next to them. The middle caller, should immediately move to a new seat. Their should be one person left over and they ask a new question to the group. If the caller says "FRUIT SALAD". Everyone must move seats. Keep playing the game until everyone has a go in the middle.

Marshmallow toothpick castle: Split into teams of 2 or 3. Give each team 15 mini-marshmallows and 15 toothpicks. The team that builds the highest marshmallow structure in 10 minutes wins!

Sardines: A classic! Give one person 5 minutes to hide somewhere (specify if outside is OK) and then everyone looks for him. People hide with the person when they find him until the last person finds the group! Brilliant adult birthday party game for a large group.

Alphabet category game: Sit in a circle and pick a category like "animals" or "food." One person starts by naming something in the category that starts with A (like "avocados"), the next person has to name a B item ("bananas"), and so on. If someone can't think of one in 10 seconds, she's out! This adult birthday party game can be played with a lot of people or in pairs.

Guess the animal: Grab a marker and write an animal on as many pieces of masking tape as there are people. Put the tape on each persons forehead without them reading it. They have to walk around and ask each other yes or no questions to figure out which animal they are (like "Do I have four legs?"). This game is another game for celebrity head as above.

Pass the parcel: Wrap a gift with multiple layers of gift wrap. Then have everyone sit in a circle and pass the gift around until the music stops. Whoever has the gift then unwraps a layer. Repeat until someone unwraps the gift—the lucky person gets to keep it! Yes this is a brilliant adult birthday party game because adults tend to cheat much better than children.

Memory: Sit everyone around a table with a bunch of little objects on it. One person closes her eyes, and somebody removes one object and hides it. The eye-closer then has 3 guesses as to which object was removed. Return the item and repeat with someone else! Adult party games such as these can also be played with children.

Detective: One person leaves the room. Everyone else agrees to have something in common—all pretend to be characters on a TV show, be afraid of heights, etc. When the detective comes back, she has to guess what everyone has in common using yes or no questions. People can give the detective clues (like "I hate going up on ladders!"). This one the more clever adult birthday party games, but can also generate lots of laughs.

(games from talktalk.co.uk)

Who's that cat?: Blindfold one person (the guesser) and sit him at the center of the circle. Have the guesser point in a random direction. Whoever is pointed at meows like a cat, and the guesser has to figure out who it was. If he is correct, the meower becomes the new guesser. If not, the guesser points in another direction.

Don't laugh

:Put everyone in pairs. Each pair takes turns trying to make the other person laugh by saying "Ha ha ha!" in an outrageous fake voice. They go back and forth until someone actually laughs. These adult birthday party games as above can be adapted to include alcohol depending on the party guests.

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Birthday Mixer Icebreaker Game

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