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What You Need to Know Before Placing Tennis Bets

Tennis is a fast-paced, entertaining sport for sure one of the most original sports in the world. Recently a rise in Latin American, Eastern Europe and Asian players has taken place. While tennis isn't considered such a high-class sport anymore, it's becoming more popular among players worldwide. Tennis may not be a mainstream sport in the US but is commonly used by tennis fans all over the world. One of the advantages of betting on tennis is that the sport’s governing bodies publicly display a lot of data and metrics of the events played. In this aspect, tennis is considered to be one of the more progressive sports.

There are lots of offers for tennis on bookies’ website. The popular one's leagues include the ATP & WTA tournaments as well as the Challengers & ITF tournaments. However, the four major tennis tournaments are called Grand Slams. They include the Australian Open, the French Open, the Wimbledon & the US Open. The tournaments in this category attract a large audience and millions of bettors wager on them.

As with most forms of sports betting, there are various betting markets available for tennis. Most, if not all markets available are similar to football and popular sports. Some of the bet types you will find on bookie website include Money line (betting on who will win the match), Handicap, Total games (equivalent to over/under bet in football), and Outright bets. Like any sport, the bigger the match, the more markets are likely to be available on sportsbooks. Surebet247 is one of the most popular online sportsbooks. So you will likely find other markets such as the in-play betting, point-by-point and game-by-game betting available.

Tennis Betting Rules and Strategies

As far as betting on tennis with sportsbooks is concerned, bookies have different retirement rules for players. We recommend you get familiar with the basics of these rules before making your tennis bets. The first group of bookmaker one serve for a wager placed to stand. It ensures if a player withdraws at any moment, but after the first serving, the bet still stands. The player who advanced to the next round is the winner.

For the second group of bookies, a set is required to be played for the bet to stand. It ensures if a player withdraws after a finished game, the wager still stands. If a player withdraws before the first set, the bet will not stand.

The third group demands that the game be completed to keep the bet. The rule appears to be fairest, as the outcome of your bet can not be decided by non-sports variables. The bet does not stand, regardless of when the player retires.

Just like most sports betting, betting on tennis need a strategy to improve your chances to win. Before staking your money on a tennis event, there are several variables to bear in mind. Some of these factors affect the event directly while others are something to keep at the back of your mind before placing your bet.

The player match-up is something you want to consider before placing a tennis bet. You want to evaluate the strength and weakness of players on the court. You should also find out about the playing style of those on the court. Knowing how each player play on their service and when returning serve can give you an idea of the outcome of the match. Other factors you want to consider includes, the playing surface, weather, suspect seed, and indoors and outdoors. To aid your betting skills, you can visit http://bet2win.com.ng/ and read on general betting strategies which can directly or remotely relate to tennis betting.