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Bridal Party Games

Here are an in-depth list of bridal party games for you or someone near and dear to you as well as the bride to be. It's always fun organizing a great time for all the guests, from the food, decorations, gossip and now the entertainment and activities. Also check out the free Bridal Party printables page, we are constantly adding to them.

Feel free to add in your own winning games as it's great for other people who might want to use them in their bridal party.

Bridal Party Game Number One

Toilet Paper Dress and Veil

Divide the party guests into groups of three or four. One of the party guests should be designated the special model. Have a range of fun accessories, toilet paper, wigs, makeup, gloves, crazy tiaras, tape, shoes and hair clips. One the count of 'Go', all teams must make up the special model to dress as the bride to be. The Bride to be shall judge the models for best look.

Bridal Party Games Number 2

Clothes Pin Nuptial Game

Hand each party guest a number of safety pins or hairclips bottle tops or even small bits of candy etc. Tell the party guests that they are not to repeat any of the following words throughout the rest of the night, if they do and are caught by fellow guests, they have to each swap one hairclip/bottle top or safety pin with that person. The forbidden words can be, church, love, groom nuptials.

Bridal Party Game Number 3

Bridal Bingo

Arrange cards with 6 equal squares like a bingo card. Inside each, have a saying, thing, or picture associated with the bride to be. For instance in one square you could have; went to college, has a child, wears high heels, saw 'romantic movie', can sing, loves to drink wine etc. Make sure most of the guests have a different card. When someone is able to fill the card, then they are the winner.

You can buy sweet candy for the chips to put on the cards.

Bridal Party Games Number 4

Pass The Bouquet

All the party guests should be seated comfortably within reach of their neighbor. Have some bridal music playing while the Bouquet of flowers is being passed around the room. When the music stops, whomever is holding the Bouquet of flowers is eliminated from the game. This game gets funnier with the less people in it. Watch the competitive guests 'throw' the bouquet to their neighbor.

Bridal Party Games Number 5

Famous Hubby

Have your party guests write the name of a fantasy husband for themselves in their personal fantasy. Have all the papers put into a bowl. One by one the bride to be shall take out the papers and put them face down on the table. She should turn one over one at a time and try and guess who would have chosen the Famous Hubby to be. Some very revealing ideas will arise...nice to get to know each other better too. Shhh just don't tell their significant others.

Bridal Party Games Number 6

Who Knows Her Best?

This is great done with a sheet where guest fill out the answers of 1-15 questions. The questions should ask such things like, What is the bride to be favorite food? What is her favorite pair shoes? If she didn't have her current job what would she be instead? Once all the guest have written the party guests can each read out their answers. At the end of each question the bride to be should confirm or tell them the answers. Give a tick for each correct answer. The winner is the person with the most correct answers.

Bridal Party Games Number 7

Birthday Date Prize

When your guests arrive at the door, have them write down their birthday the month and day only. Once the party is away and going, choose the paper/guest who has the closet birthday to the actual wedding date. They can win a nice prize, such as a bottle of wine, perfume, chocolates etc.

Remember you can download a free Bridal Party printable here. Do take a look at the adults party games and the Slumber Party games. You can adapt some of these games to fit your bridal party. Good luck.

Party Games Number 8

Love To Melt Your Heart

Freeze love heart candy or marshmallows into ice-cubes. Tell your guests their aim is to get to the heart of the matter and eat the candy or marshmallow in the middle. They can unfreeze their ice-cube with any part of their body. The person who reaches the heart and eats it is the winner. They can receive a fun prize for winning.

Party Games Number 9

HoneyMoon Tell Tales

Arrange everyone so they have to stand and bend down to trace their hand on some paper. One person should record what they are saying. Once everyone has finished tracing, the bride to be will tell them that the words they were saying during that process will be the words that she is going to say on the wedding night. This is hilarious for all the party goers.

"God that hurts"

"I'm all stiff"


"I'm too old for this."

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