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College Party Games

Welcome to College Party Games for you your friends and fellow students. Here are a variety of winning college games you can play in your dorm, home or even in a designated place. Have fun because these are great games.

  • College Party Games No#1

    Guess the Photo

    ·Number of pictures and photos of prominent people

    ·Pictures of your local area/town/city or country

    ·Paper with numbers for the above items.

    Collect a set of pictures of your town / locality / personalities etc. and display them on the wall or large board with a number. The guests have to identify and name each photo and write their answers on a sheet of paper. The winner is the one with the highest score.

    College Party Games No#2

    Orange Relays

  • An orange per team

    Divide the students into two teams in long lines. Have the first person tuck the orange under their chin and pass the orange to the next person in line. The first team to have the orange passed all the way down are the winners.

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College Party Games No#3

Wife and Husband Swap


Chairs for half the players

Have the males and females seated next to each other in a circle. Designate couples. Have one empty seat with either a male or a female as the lonely heart. ‘She’ has to wink to the opposite gender to come and sit with her to be her husband without his ‘current’wife seeing. They can wink, eyeball, wave etc to the wanted person. If that person knows who they are, they must immediately leave to go and sit in the empty seat with his new wife. However, if the previous wife grabs him before he leaves, he has to stay. Carry on until most people get to swap husbands and wives.

College Party Games No#4

Honey If You Love Me Smile

Have everyone stand or sit in a circle. One person should walk into the middle of the circle and choose someone of the opposite sex. He or she should make eye contact and say, “Honey if you Love me, SMILE!”.

You cannot touch the person you are talking to but can get close. After a while the

partner must reply, “Honey I love you but I just can’t smile” without smiling. If they smile, they swap over and choose someone else to try and make smile.

This is a very revealing game, you will be surprised who laughs.

Check out the Free Printables for Adult Parties on the Party Printable Page. Free to download and play with your friends and family. Take a look at the outdoor games you might like to adapt for your party. Also check out the messy party games for a wet and crazy time. Funny party games are great for those who like to crack a joke and who have had a few, also the take a look at some of the themed party games mostly for kids, but many games can be adapted well to adults.

College Party Games No#5

Horses and Riders



Like Musical Chairs.

Have a number of women and men on the dance floor. Make sure there is one less man.

Everyone should walk around and dance until the music stops. Once it does, the women should look to jump on the back of the nearest man. The woman who misses out is now eliminated. Each time should have one less man for the women to jump on. The winners are the last couple horse and rider.

College Party Games No#6

Thread the Toy

Materials needed


Two soft toys


Long pieces of string

Tie very long pieces of string to the leg of a soft toy. Arrange two teams in lines and give the first person the toy. On the count of go, each first team member must thread their toy through their clothes (pants and into the leg) and then hand it to the next person. The team who finishes first and all are threaded together are the winners.

College Party Games No#7

Famous Guest


Cards with famous people on each

Give each person a card with a famous person on each of the cards. They have to take on that persona and act as that person during the party until someone recognizes who they are. They can give clues as to their occuation, the name of the song they sang, the programme they are on etc.The last person remaining is the winner.

ollege Party Games No#8

Something about You


Pieces of paper



Have you guests write something interesting about themselves that they have never told anybody or that they are sure the others don’t know. Once the pieces of paper have been written on, gather them and put them in a bowl in the centre of the circle. One by one each party guest takes one and reads out their five interesting things. After the three pieces of paper has been read out, have the party guests guess who they think belongs to who and so on. This is a great game to get to know people better.

College Party Games No#9



Lots of toilet paper

Arrange your party guests into teams of 4. Give each team lots of toilet paper. Tell your guests that they have to wrap their team member as though they are an Egyptian Mummy. The winners are the teams who completely wrap their mummy. Make the sure mummy is standing upright with their arms out.

Party Games No#10

Can you Guess


Two bags


Range of Female items


Range of Male items

Fill one bag with 7 to 10 things of male items and the other with female items.

Place the two bags in the middle of a circle of the guests. Blindfold the victim with each taking a turn, female, then male and so on. They have to search the opposite gender’s bag and feel for an item. If they can guess one thing they have taken out they are still in the game. If they can’t they are out of the game. The winners are the team who guesses all things correctly.

These are fabulous games for young adults to play, but these can also be adapted to be played with children and birthday parties. We hope you enjoy checking out the other party games here. Cheers.