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Fun Office Party Games

Fun office party games for any office and work occasion. Plenty to choose from and utilize with your work team. Check them out, fun for everyone.

Fun Office Party Games Number 1

Mini Relays

You will needed a variety of items, boxes, books, cushions, or anything that might use to run around. Organize your teams into two teams. Tell them that they are going to kick a balloon around the obstacles in team relays. The team to win the mini relay wins the game. Nice idea to buy lunch for the winners.

Fun Office Party Games Number 2

Standing Chair Throw

You will need to get all your workers to stand on stable chairs. Instruct them that one person will begin the game by throwing a small bean bag or ball to another player in the office by using eye contact and gestures only. They are not allowed to use their voice. If someone says..."here" or makes a verbal sound, then they have to sit down. Also if they drop the bean bag or throw it too hard they sit down. You can introduce three bean bags depending on the number workers. The winner is the person who doesn't drop the bean bag and is the last one in.

Fun Office Party Games Number 3


Choose one person to act as the statue to begin the game. Explain that at some stage in the party that person will turn into a statue. After some time the second person become one as well. As other people start to notice they should become a statue. The last person to figure out the game becomes the next statue for the next round. This is a great 'got ya' game.

Fun Office Party Games Number 4

Hoop Challenge

A simple game where, you have two mini hoops pinned on the wall. Have a range of ball like items in a bucket up to 10. Have each worker in teams have a go at getting the items in the hoop. The team with the most items through the hoops are the winners.

Check out the Free printable games for intelligent Party Goers called 'Brilliant Questions' perfect for Office Part Games. Or even check out the games for adults which might work for the office, just adapt to your needs.

Fun Office Party Games Number 5

Purses and Wallets and Offices
One the count of go, your office workers in groups or in pairs can find and search for examples of the following items. Once they find them they have to run up to the judge and place them infront of them.

    red lipstick black shoe $20.00
    White board marker
    someones lunch
    a cell phone

Whoever runs up first with any of the items gets a prize.

Office Party Games Number 6

Blob Tag

Have two people linked by their arms. They have to walk around the office or area linked aiming to tag another person. Once they get to tag someone, that person then joins on to make a three link chain. All three of them must walk about trying to tag untagged people. If you get four to the link, it must split up into two again and then you will have two teams of two trying to tag the untagged. A fun game for all.

Office Party Games Number 6

Famous Movie One Liners

'Who Said It?'.Before the party write down well known movie quotes or tags, such as I'll be back!" from the Terminator movie. Have one person read out the quotes and the party goers should write down the answers from the movies. For extra points they can also name the actor playing that role. Make sure the movies have equal number of guys and girls such as chick flicks and action movies.

Chain Tag

Just as it sounds. All players should be on their chairs with one person to begin. They should roll themselves towards another player and try and tag them. If tagged, that person should hook on behind the first person to form the beginnings of a chain. Together they will go around the office area trying to tag the other players and so on. Once you end up with four or more people in the chain, divide yourselves into pairs again and hunt after the remaining team members. Everyone gets caught eventually.

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