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Ice Breaker Games

Ice breaker games are there to not only welcome guests but relax them with great activities and fun conversation.

Ice breakers and activities for the office, work gatherings, conferences or even for educational institutions. These are great activities to use for a variety of reasons. So many to choose from. Other games which may be of use for your function or event could be our office work party games or even the adult party games.

Celebrity Ice Breaker Games Number 1

Before the party guest arrive, write a variety of famous and well known names on name tag stickers. Once a guest arrives tell the guest that you are placing a name of a famous person and they have to try and guess their person by asking questions of the other guests which require a yes or a no answer. If they think they know who they are, then can approach the hostess or host and ask them. If they get it right they win, if they don't they have to continue asking questions from the other guests.

Movie stars, singers, politicans, religious figures etc.

An alternative theme, could be famous people within the company or well known products the company produces.

Investigative Trivia Ice Breaker Games Number 2

Each guest will be given a card to write three fun or unknown things about themselves and place it in a bowl. When most guests have arrived, the host will walk around and give all the guests a card to go and find the person who wrote the three bits of trivia about themsleves. Each party guest must go around and ask questions about their person to see if the triva matches up with their card. If they think they have a match, they should yell out "MATCH". Carry on until the last person has been found.

Bingo Fun Ice Breaker Games Number 3

Using the free printable or your own example, write or draw and even stick something inside the squares to represent your party guests for example; birthday in June, loves Chinese food, watched Avatar, wearing red, brown eyes etc. (Try not to get too personal with the squares, such as age, height, job).

Each guest should have a card and 8 pieces of candy to act as counters to cover the squares. When the host reads out a card, the guests should cover a square of their board if it matches them. The first person to cover the squares and calls out BINGO wins.

Autograph Ice Breaker Games Number 4

Give everyone a piece of paper and a pen. The objective is to get everyone's autograph as quickly as possible. The person to show the host everyone's name is the winner.

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Card Matching Ice Breaker Games Number 5

Have two sets of cards and hand one of the same cards to two different the event goers. For instance you hand out the two Ace of Hearts one to a man and one to a woman. Make sure the host hands out an even number of cards for the ice breaker to work well. The host should explain that they are going to have to find the other person with the same card as them. (This works well in a very large group).

Alternative could be having your guest find 3 other people with spades only, or spades in a row for instance; 2 of spades, 3 of spades, 4 of spade and 5 of spades.

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Blind Walk Ice Breaker Games Number 6

This game is good to get people to learn to trust strangers quickly. Have the guests paired up. Get one of the pair to become blind folded or they can close their eyes. The other person will gently lead them around by the shoulders without running into other pairs or things in the way. After 5 minutes have them swap over.

I Like Ice Breaker Games Number 7

In a group of about 10 to 15 people where they don't know each other at all, you could play "I Like". In a large circle have one person begin the game by stating their name and one thing they like and one thing they don't like. "Hi my name's Martin and I like cigars, and I hate broccoli." The next person to him will repeat his name, likes and dislikes and then state their name, likes, dislikes and so on. Do this until the last person is completed. See if they are able to remember each others name, likes and dislikes. It's all about the memory too.

Circle Meet Ice Breaker Games Number 8

This is a fast paced meet the opposite person activity. Arrange half of the group into a circle and the other half should gather around them to make an outside circle. Have the inner circle turn around to face an outside person and shake their hand and tell them their name. The opposite person should repeat back their name and say their name. That same person who began with their name says once more the second person's name while still shaking their hand. The inner circle now moves one partner to the left and repeats the same exercise. This is fun to see if anyone can remember the opposite circle's names.

Country Line Up Ice Breaker Games Number 9

Depending on the country this could be a good way of getting to know someone. Tell your event goers that you have a large space in the middle of the room. It's a good idea to mark out the out-line of your country with small cones. Ask your guests to stand in the position they were born in. This is great to get to know where people are from and even know who are actually from different countries.It's a nice way to know about different accents, cultures and traditions.

Animal Sounds Partner Find Ice Breakers Number 10

This is for the more adventurist and crazy get togethers. As the event goers walk through the door, give them an animal such as a cat, dog, rooster. Two of the party guests should have the same animal. Each person should go up to the others and make the sound of the animal they have been given. Once they hear another animal sound like theirs, they have found their partner.